Best Android apps 2021 for this week June 27 – 4 apps worth downloading and installing

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Here in the following lines, the best Android apps 2021 for this week. A group of applications worth downloading and installing. Just, follow the details below about each of these applications and then finally choose what you see fit among these applications and start downloading and installing.

Best Android Apps 2021

The list of the best Android apps below includes a meteorological app, a quick phone cleanup of photos and screenshots, a high-quality HD and 4K wallpapers app, and Opera GX browser from Opera, which is aimed specifically at gamers and enthusiasts.

Rainviewer app

The Rainviewer app was ranked first among the best Android apps 2021 for this week. The most serious Rainviewer app when it comes to meteorology! Yes, a comprehensive weather app that provides detailed visual information about the storm, weekly forecasts, local alerts for precipitation in your area and much more.

Rainviewer provides thousands of radars in 90 different countries. The great thing is that the application can even adjust certain radars to get more accurate readings. The free version of the app does display some ads which can be eliminated by purchasing the premium version at $2.99 ​​per month.

The rating of this application reaches 4.4 out of 5, which is the biggest evidence of the efficiency of the application and that it is really worth downloading and installing. The application also requires Android 5.0 and above. []

Photo Deleter app

Best Android Apps

In second place came an application known as Photo Deleter, which is really one of the best Android applications 2021, as it helps you clean your phone from the photos and screenshots that I take every week quickly and more professionally.

Just tap and hold the photo, then select all the other photos you want to delete. This app aims to simplify the process for you by making cleaning as fast and simple as possible. Photo Deleter accesses your photos via the directory of your choice, and then displays the photos in chronological order. You can then delete or keep each photo with just one of the two buttons on the screen and then move to the next photo.

The application is available on the Google Play market completely free of charge and requires Android version 4.4 and above, and does not require creating an account or anything like that. []

Opera GX app

Best Android Apps

In third place came an application known as Opera GX among the best Android applications of this week. This application is a new browser from Opera designed and developed for fans and gamers. This browser is not new to PC users, as it first appeared for Windows 2019 computers.

Now, this browser arrives for Android and iOS phones and devices. This browser provides a set of features and features that are not available in many other Internet browsers, most notably the design that seems inspired by games. For example, the browser provides a feature known as GX Corner that helps users to quickly access the most important sites of interest to game lovers.

The browser provides other features such as vpn and internet page load acceleration feature, among other features and characteristics that you can identify yourself. []

WallRy تطبيق app

Best Android Apps

In fourth place came WallRy application among the best Android applications. In a nutshell, this app gives users of Android phones and devices access to a variety of high-quality HD and 4K wallpapers! Yes, if you are looking for an HD wallpaper app, then this app provides you with a great collection of wallpapers to decorate your mobile screen the way you want.

The wonderful thing about this application is that it allows you to save a set of backgrounds in your favorites to access them at any time later quickly and effortlessly. The application requires Android version 4.4 and above and later. []

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What application did you like the most, and do you need a specific application or explanation? Tell us via the comments…

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