Samsung Galaxy S22 – Galaxy S22 Why won’t the series get a 65W charging capacity?

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Several leaks mentioned many details related to the specifications of the leading Samsung Galaxy S22 series. Reports have confirmed that the company may use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 895 processor for the first time in this new series.

Today, the famous leaker Ice Universe revealed via the Chinese website “Weibo“The Galaxy S22 series will not support 65W fast charging and that it may get 45 or 25W charging capacity.

Galaxy S22 series charging capacity

Although this move sounds better than the current 45W charging capacity that is available in the current generation of Samsung devices, it is unlikely that Samsung will take this step now.

Currently, only a few high-end Samsung smartphones, such as the Galaxy S20 Ultra, allow users to charge their 45W batteries. As for most Galaxy series phones, the 25W charging capacity is high, which is much lower than the charging solutions offered by competitors such as Xiaomi and Realme, who do not show any interest in raising the charging capacity to 65W.

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Tests show that using a 45W charger saves you only a few minutes, at best, compared to 25W. Once the charging capacity is increased, all you will get is the rapid deterioration of the battery due to the large amount of heat generated during the charging process.

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Besides, it is rumored that the Exynos 2200 processor that will power the Galaxy S22 series may run an AMD mRDNA-based GPU that will generate massive heat, and Samsung may need to resort to water cooling technology to get rid of more heat buildup in the battery .

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Therefore, Samsung will limit the battery charge capacity of its Galaxy S22 premium smartphones to 45W. Besides, it wasn’t long before the Galaxy Note 7 battery failed that several cases of the phone’s battery exploding and igniting were observed. So Samsung may want to maintain the manufacturing standard for its smartphone battery.

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