iPhone 13 – iPhone 13 revealed the design of the four series phones in leaked metal molds

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Apple is preparing next fall to announce the new iPhone 13 series – iPhone 13, and with the launch date approaching, leaks and rumors about the expected phones continue to appear frequently.

Recently, some information about the iPhone 13 has been revealed, as many have expressed concern about the upcoming iPhone, and other leaks have raised the curiosity of some of them. Also, the name of the upcoming iPhone phones is still not confirmed yet, but it is expected that it will get the name of the iPhone 13 series or the iPhone 12s series.

iPhone 13 series design leaked

Recently, Benks, as a Chinese accessories manufacturer, revealed iPhone 13 series dies for all four models from metal, which will be their internal dies used to make iPhone 13 accessories.

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According to the images that were leaked through the famous Chinese website “WeiboThe overall design of the iPhone 13 phones is already in line with previous rumors, including the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 with a new rear camera arrangement, although it will get the rectangular design of the camera module.

iPhone 13 - iPhone 13 revealed the design of the four series phones in leaked metal molds

For iPhone 13, Pro models also use the same design that was revealed earlier, the rear camera module arrangement has not changed, but the area of ​​the whole module is very large, the area of ​​each camera has increased significantly, with the camera module accounting for more than half of the back in width.

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Unfortunately, the exposed mold does not show the front design of the iPhone 13 phones. But according to previous rumors, the iPhone 13 series has been equipped with smaller screen notches compared to all previous iPhone versions, which is the first time in four years that Apple has this design of notches on the screen, which It will bring a change in the front appearance, and the screen-to-body ratio has been effectively improved, which is expected to attract countless consumers.

iPhone 13 - iPhone 13 revealed the design of the four series phones in leaked metal molds

The iPhone 13 Pro has a much larger camera bump than the iPhone 12 Pro, so the wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lenses will be larger. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously said that both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro will get a 7P wide-angle lens with an f/1.6 aperture, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max will have a 7P wide-angle lens, with an f/1.5 aperture.

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