Telegram 2021 update – Telegram brings 4 very important features

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The Telegram application has received a new update 2021 that brings many new features and more than wonderful features that we all need most of the time. Let’s get acquainted together with the features of the Telegram 2021 update.

The Telegram update this time brings the ability to turn on the camera or share the screen during voice chats in groups on all devices, including tablets and desktops.

The most important features of the telegram update 2021

This update takes voice chatting to a new level, ready for online courses, business meetings, family get-togethers, and more.

Group video calls

Telegram update now brings group video calls! Yes, it is now possible to convert voice conversations in any group into a group video call with ease. All you have to do is click on the camera icon and turn it on. You can control everything during group video calls on the app Telegram . For example, you can tap a participant’s camera to zoom in and view it in full screen mode.

Not only that, one of the cameras can also be installed which will lead to focus on it even if more participants join with their cameras turned on. Note that video calls are currently only available to the first 30 participants. This limit will be increased soon.

Screen sharing

Telegram update

The second feature in the new Telegram 2021 update is screen sharing. You can now share the screen, or both at the same time. Just, you can share your screen by pressing the three dots (⋮) or ( ⋯) and then choosing “Screen Sharing” from the menu.

Noise reduction

Telegram update

The new Telegram update comes with an option to reduce the light. Noise reduction in voice conversations has been improved to keep all participants’ voices clear and crisp. An option has also been added in the settings to disable noise reduction.

Tablet and desktop support

Telegram update

Computers and tablets have larger screens and more display options. You can click on the side panel to see a split screen showing the list of participants and their cameras at the same time. The display is designed to be comfortable to open, either vertically or horizontally.

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