Redmi K50 – The first leaks about the series carry unexpected surprises

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In February of this year, Redmi released the Redmi K40 series, which was a resounding success in the markets. After 4 months of launching the series, it seems that the company is now working on the new version of the series that comes under the name Redmi K50 – Redmi K50.

The new series was announced by Vice President and General Manager of the Redmi brand Lu Weibing via the popular Chinese website”WeiboWhere he asked users about the features and specifications they would like to add to the future Redmi K50 series products.

Expected specifications of the Redmi K50 series

Most netizens responded that they wanted a large battery, memory, and screen quality, as well as better quality imaging capabilities, while some also expressed a desire for a faster charging feature.

And if the company focuses on the usual updates in the production line, the new series will get updates for the camera, battery and charging. According to the famous leaker Digital Chat StationThe company has a lot of components, especially the fast charging chip, as the company has transferred the charging capacity of 67 watts to the Redmi Note series, and plans to release the charging technology with a capacity of 100 watts later.

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Redmi K50 - The first leaks about the series carry unexpected surprises

Fast charging technology in particular would be a reasonable area for improvement, as the Redmi K40 series excels in 33W charging capacity for 4,520mAh batteries, charging the battery in about 50 minutes, but there are already competitors that offer 50W charging or 65 watts too. So we are expected to see an update on this in the upcoming series.

There is no word on when the Redmi K50 series will be revealed, but the timing of the leak released by the Redmi CEO indicates that the phones will launch later this year, possibly within the next few months, not in 2022.

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Redmi K50 - The first leaks about the series carry unexpected surprises
Redmi K40

The Redmi K40 series was generally restricted to China only, although the base model was launched in Europe and elsewhere as the Poco F3. The gaming Redmi K40 is also slated to be launched outside of China as the Poco F3 GT. Therefore, it is possible that at least one of the Redmi K50 series phones could be launched outside of China under another name.

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What improvements do you want the company to add to the upcoming Redmi K50 series? Tell us via the comments.

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