Apple AirTags Tracker to Find Lost Objects – Terrible?

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The American company Apple recently announced a number of new devices, including the Apple AirTags tracker to find lost things, so what do you know about this smart piece?

AirTags tracker

A study once spoke that a person spends many hours a month looking for his lost items such as keys, ID, wallet, etc.. We present to you in my TV number comprehensive information about the new Apple tracking device – AirTags!

Once, someone sarcastically suggested that we write on Google: “Where are my keys”, but the idea is not practical, but the technical solution to access the lost items was created by many companies, the last of which is Apple with a piece AirTags small.

The widget is an easy-to-use accessory to track lost items via Bluetooth if they are within your vicinity and the widget will beep to track its location, or using the Find My app on the iPhone, to locate it on a map.

Apple says that AirTags is equipped with a U1 chip to give iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 users to find the exact location, specifying distance and direction when they are in range.

The piece is small and lightweight with a circular design and an easily removable cover, and the piece can be customized in your favorite colors, and the company offered the piece at a price of $ 29, and the piece is rated with an IP67 standard for water resistance, at a depth of one meter and for half an hour.

Is the idea new? Of course not.. There are dozens and perhaps hundreds of parts with the same function, most notably from Samsung, available for purchase for $ 24.. At the same price, there is a Chipolo piece at the same price, and both work with Android phones.

But there is no dispute that Apple’s launch of such a piece will give it great marketing, and no one can deny that other companies’ pieces will benefit from the marketing fame provided by Apple.

Apple AirTags Tracker to Find Lost Objects - Awesome?

Now the question is… Is the piece practical and useful?

The answer to this question is for you. If you are the type who owns personal items and there is some chaos or oblivion occupying your life, and at the same time, you waste a lot of time daily looking for items such as keys and wallet, so the piece is suitable for you so that you do not waste time and effort while you return The same suffering daily, and we believe that $29 is not much to invest your time and mental health. Losing things causes nervousness and jitters and gives a person negative energy and may live in an atmosphere of tension with himself and his family members due to losing all his things.

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