iPhone 14 Max – iPhone 14 Max will replace this phone next year!

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Apple has already started working on the upcoming iPhone 13 phones as we got several leaks recently that gave us a look at the upcoming phones. Today, new leaks appeared regarding the upcoming iPhone 14 series in 2022, specifically about the most expensive phone in the series, iPhone 14 Max – iPhone 14 Max.

Leaks about iPhone 14 Max

Popular analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who specializes in leaks about new Apple products, says the company is considering launching a more expensive iPhone 14 series phone with a larger screen. The device may be called iPhone 14 Max and it will become part of the company’s upcoming series in 2022. Hence, the company will dispense with the iPhone Mini version in 2022.

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The iPhone 14 Max is expected to come with a 6.7-inch screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, an improved camera with an ultra-wide-angle lens, and autofocus capability.

iPhone 14 Max - iPhone 14 Max will replace this phone next year!
iPhone 12 Pro Max

Counterpoint Research analysts have concluded that users have remarkably tended to purchase the larger version of the current series of phones, which is a phone iPhone 12 Pro Max. This indicates that there is a huge demand for mobile phones with large screens.

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iPhone 14 Max - iPhone 14 Max will replace this phone next year!

With the release of iPhone 14 Max, the company will meet the demand for smartphones with large screens, but at the same time, it will try to provide them with the most important specifications without additions in order to keep the price within reasonable limits. However, this model is expected to be very popular with consumers.

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