PUBG New State Pre-registration and beta testing ends with an amazing record!

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PUBG Mobile developer Krafton, earlier today, released the Battlegrounds Mobile India beta for pre-registered users, and the company is expected to make an official announcement of the launch date soon.

The company is now preparing to launch another game developed by the company that is a sequel to the original PUBG game, as the developers announced that PUBG: New State will be released later this year.

This game was open for pre-registration earlier this year, and Crafton has also resumed closed alpha testing of the game in the US. The developers have now announced that alpha testing has ended after the game reached a milestone. Let’s take a look at more details about PUBG New State pre-registrations, and the closed alpha test announcement.

PUBG New State beta testing has ended

The game developer Krafton announced via أعلنت Twitter About ending the closed alpha test of PUBG New State. This decision comes after the game reached more than 17 million pre-registrations worldwide.

The upcoming Krafton game has been available for pre-registration since its announcement in February 2021. The company announced that the PUBG sequel has registered over 10 million pre-registrations on the Google Play Store in two months. It has also released details of closed alpha testing for US players. Now, Krafton has announced that alpha testing for the upcoming game will be closed within a week.

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Recently the developers teased the first map in the new game called Troi. The events take place in huge 8 x 8 km worlds with multiple locations like exhibition hall, mall, police station, tram factory etc. The developers will release more episodes detailing more locations and maps in the coming days.

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The upcoming Krafton game will include an in-game customization feature, which will allow players to build their weapons by acquiring customization kits. These kits will transform weapons in various ways, such as performance improvements, firing mode selection, and grenade launcher attachments.

We can expect developers to add new weapons over time. New gameplay mechanics include obtaining supplies via a drone and an expandable shield that can be deployed to block enemy fire. As expected, the graphics are much better than those of the original PUBG Mobile.

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Requirements to play PUBG New State on phones

PUBG New State Pre-registration and beta testing ends with an amazing record!
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  • PUBG New State requires devices running Android 6.0 or higher.
  • RAM minimum 2.5 GB عشوائي
  • The processor requirements have not been determined yet, but they will be revealed soon.

Given the visual fidelity that PUBG New State will offer, Krafton is pretty adept at optimizing their games for older smartphones, but the experience might not be perfect. PUBG: New State will work properly on most modern smartphones, but the company doesn’t promise the same on some older devices.

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