The 10 most failed devices from Apple – including one that she threw in the desert

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If I asked you about Apple today? Most likely the answer will be that it is a company with all of its offered devices in great demand and success, and it rarely offers a product that results in losses or failures. This answer may be true in the last two decades only!

Failed 10 devices from Apple!

If we go back in time to before the second millennium, we will find a group of failed devices put forward by the company and which tried to erase them from history in various ways, we show you in my TV number today the ten most failed of the American company!

First: The Lisa

named after Steve Jobs’ daughterThe first device from Apple that combines a graphical user interface and a mouse, the team predicted that the device would make a revolution and a resounding success at the time, especially as it was an innovative idea that had not happened before 1983, but unfortunately the price of the imaginary device, which reached 10 thousand dollars and the slow pace of distribution led The device failed in terms of sales, until in 1989 Apple was forced to bury thousands of unsold Lisa units in a landfill in Utah.

Second: Macintosh Portable

It seems that Apple’s concept was wrong in 1989 about portable devices, this appears from the Macintosh Portable device, which it launched in the late eighties, with a weight of up to seven kilograms, the weight of the device is very heavy and does not fit into the category of portable devices, so it did not achieve any success, until I had to To re-work on the design and structure of the device to launch in 1991 the PowerBook, which was then considered the main source for determining the design standard of the laptop.

Third: Taligent

It is an operating system whose name was derived from a mixture of Talent and Intelligence, which was supposed to be launched in the nineties, caused a sensation before its official launch and many predicted, including the company, that it would be a superior and future platform for computers, but unfortunately Apple decided to kill Taligent before it was released. Sees the light in 1995.

Fourth: The Newton

In our time, we can consider the device as a digital personal assistant, making it easy for you to manage your personal information, but back to 1993 when it was first launched… the user did not have any knowledge about how to use the device and what is the purpose of owning it, and in parallel with the high price that reaches up to $1,200, the size of the device is large and it is difficult for the user to use it with one hand, in addition to many defects and errors in the device, on top of which is the failure of the handwriting recognition feature.

The 10 most failed devices from Apple - including one that she threw in the desert

Fifth: The Quicktake

If you have not spotted an Apple-branded digital camera, The Quicktake may fail. This is one of the reasons that made the company move away from the camera market. The first digital camera from Apple was launched in 1994 at a price of $ 750 with very modest specifications and can store only eight of its adult photos. 0.3 mega-pixel, in addition, the camera is compatible with Mac only.

Sixth: Macintosh TV

The idea of ​​the device before manufacturing seemed simple, Apple wanted a computer with a screen that could also be used as a separate TV, but unfortunately the result in the end did not achieve everything that Apple aspired for. Data and tasks are so slow compared to mediocre computers at the time, that even Apple only made 10,000 units of the device.

The 10 most failed devices from Apple - including one that she threw in the desert

Seventh: The Pippin

At the time when video game consoles began to revolutionize, Apple also tried to enter this field in 1995 and take space from this large market, its attempt was The pippin device in cooperation with the game maker Bandai, and is also the first attempt in the world to combine console games and connectivity With the Internet, where the user can play and communicate with the other player in real time, and as usual the result was disappointing, the modem provided in the device makes the communication process almost impossible, a single conversation message requires about 10 minutes to send and receive, as well as the high price of $ 599 made users prefer competitors Others offer devices at a lower price.

Eighth: The Rokr

If you think that the iPhone was the first phone that Apple tried to release, then most likely you have not searched well in the history of the company. Before that, Apple tried to issue The rokr in cooperation with Motorola to be the first phone to come with iTunes in 2005, where it was able to store only 100 songs In addition to the disappointing old design and boring plastic body, Apple and Motorola were very disappointed after the failure of the device.

The 10 most failed devices from Apple - including one that she threw in the desert

Ninth: The Power Mac G4 Cube

A square computer released in the year 2000 that attracted the admiration and attention of many users at the time. Even the prestigious newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times wrote about it positively, but the price was more than the regular The Power Mac G4 version by up to $ 200, knowing that they match In the design and the only difference lies in the design, so many found that the price of the device is exaggeratedly high, which prompted the company, after a year, to issue a press release announcing the suspension of computer sales indefinitely.

Tenth: Apple USB Mouse

Apple’s first USB mouse, first launched with the Bondi Blue iMac G3, and literally the worst part of the device… The circular design makes it very difficult and uncomfortable to hold and move around, the cable is annoyingly short and in many cases the mouse buttons stay stuck off Pressing it, all this made the whole computer experience bad.

These were the ten most failed devices from Apple? Share with us the most ridiculous device or product in this list? Is there a device from Apple that was introduced in recent years that you think deserves to be on the list?

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