Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 to have better heat management than S21 Ultra

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We expect to see Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold3 arrive sometime next month, and expectations for this highly anticipated foldable may not be higher. We know pretty much everything about the Z Fold3, as there is to know, but a new rumor suggests good news for gamers and heavy users.

According to a tweet by @IceUniverse, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 has improved thermal management. In other words, the phone will be better at dissipating heat from the inside of the foldable bar than even Samsung’s current reigning flagship: the Galaxy S21 Ultra. In addition, we can expect “good battery life” according to the rumors, but this is far too subjective rumor. TENAA certifications have confirmed that the phone comes with 4,400 mAh battery capacity, 100 mAh less end Z Fold2.

It is worth noting that the cooler refers to the Snapdragon 888 variant of the Z Fold3. This assumes that there will also be an Exynos-powered variant. This was not the case with the Z Fold2, which only came in a Snapdragon 865+ variant for all regions.

Leaked renditions of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

Leaked renditions of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 may not be announced on August 11th. The uncertainty comes when Samsung revealed the date and then quickly removed it from its website, but Bixby also confirms the date.

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