Samsung US will allow you to trade in two old devices to get a new Galaxy Z Fold3 or Z Flip3

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Samsung finally confirmed the date of August 11 for the unpacking, and it now accepts sign-ups from people interested in the upcoming Galaxy foldable flagship. Samsung US promises that if you sign up now, you will get Care + for 12 months for free (worth up to $ 155), an “extra, special offer” during the pre-order period and up to $ 100 extra in trade credit.

When we talk about trade credit, after filling out the form to reserve a place in the queue, you will see that you can send two units, not just one. And you are not limited to just old phones, you can shop with a phone, tablet or a smart watch (two of each also work).

Normally you have permission for a single trade per. Purchase. There is Family trade which allows you to buy up to four Galaxy S21 phones and ship an old device to each, but no more than you ordered. This seems to be the first time that Samsung is offering such a two for a deal, and so far it is only available on the US side.

Unfortunately, the page does not yet show how much discount you get for the various eligible devices that you can send. You can go to a page on Samsung’s online store and play around with the swap option there to get a guideline for how much credit you can expect for your devices.


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