Samsung 65W PD charger snags another certification

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Samsung’s ongoing work with a 65W charger is already well documented. We were first a certificate for an EP-TA865 way back in September 2020 followed by some live photos of bricks in January this year. And then another certification in February. We now have another official certificate available for this unit, this time with permission from the Danish UL (Demko) authority.

Samsung 65W charger UL (Demko) certificate

It relates to the same EP-TA865 charger and confirms pretty much all of its specifications already listed by other sources. It comes as no surprise that the charger uses USB power supply along with the optional PPS specification and can supply 65W at standard 20 volt power and 3.25 A. The device can also perform 5V, 9V and 15V output, which means that it fits the general PD standard and is a fairly versatile charger that can be easily used for other devices, including some laptops.

Last we heard, the Samsung 65W tested support on the Galaxy S22 family of devices expected somewhat early in early 2022. All three models apparently whose rumors are to be believed. There is still hope that we might see the 65W technology debut on the Galaxy Z Fold3 at the upcoming August 11 unpacked event. However, it should be noted that leaks have already indicated that the Z Flip3 – the second star of the event, is likely to stick to only 15W charging.

The question of how conservative Samsung is going to be with its 65W charging technology is also quite valid, especially after the company’s short 45W charging experiments left with the Galaxy Note 10+, which we proved did not provide significant advantages over 25W charging.


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