Xiaomi sweeps Apple | Galaxy Zfold 3 price and specifications | A billion dollars for creators from Facebook

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The Chinese company, Xiaomi, has begun to prey on the giant Apple smartphones, and leaks reveal the most important specifications of the terrifying phone coming from the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, and what about the great support from Facebook for creators and content makers!

Galaxy Zfold 3 specifications and other news from Tech Bulletin

In this new episode of the Tech Bulletin program, presented to you exclusively by My TV, we show you a set of the most important technical news for this week, the most important of which are the specifications of the upcoming Samsung giant, Galaxy Zfold 3 – let’s continue.

There was joy among major companies that Huawei had fallen behind due to US sanctions, but that joy quickly ended with the emergence of a successful big monster. Is Apple really backing down because of the Chinese Xiaomi?

It seems that Samsung’s focus in the coming period is on foldable phones. The full specifications of the Galaxy ZFold 3 have been completely leaked… So are there any surprises?

Everyone knows that YouTube provides money to content creators through ads that appear in videos, and the Chinese application of Tik Tok encourages account holders to collect money.. And here Facebook felt the danger.. So it made these important decisions.

Scientists are developing an accurate and thin sensor that sticks to the fingers and turns sweating into useful electricity, and WhatsApp is developing the multi-device feature to open the application on a group of devices such as computers and tablets, even if the phone is closed or without the Internet, the feature is available experimentally for some users.

Xiaomi sweeps Apple |  Galaxy Zfold 3 price and specifications |  A billion dollars for creators from Facebook

Due to frequent corporate fraud and impersonation, Google announced About a useful feature by adopting its Google logo, in a similar way to authenticating accounts on social media, and this will make it easier to identify fake emails, and the American Bloomberg Agency says that the next iPhone will come with a smaller notch, and improvements to the processor, cameras and screens.

Apple launches a battery pack for the iPhone 12 lineup.. It is linked to the iPhone 12 thanks to the built-in magnet.. The price is $ 99 via the company’s website..

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