Apple AirPods 3 appear in official photos in preparation for launch

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Like every year, Apple is expected to hold an event to launch its smartphones sometime next September, and apart from smartphones, the California tech giant is also expected to launch its third generation AirPods dubbed Apple AirPods 3 – Apple AirPods 3 .

As we head into the second half of this year, the Apple rumors are starting to pick up a bit. And the last time we heard that suppliers had already started shipping AirPods 3 components, we’re closer than ever before. And now that it is, a purported live image of the TWS earbuds is being shared online.

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Picture of Apple AirPods 3 – Apple AirPods 3

reveal Picture About the Apple AirPods 3 in almost every detail. It is also noted that the earphones have an amazing universal design.

Apple AirPods 3
The latest live image of the Apple AirPods 3

Whereas instead of the rubber tips that appear on AirPods Pro, AirPods 3 will flaunt an original design that looks like a regular AirPod. It will also come with a short stem, sensor and microphone at the front.

Apple Airpods 3 Clone Hands-on: A closer look at the new AirPods design - Gizmochina

And in terms of colors, the image shows the earbuds in standard and attractive white.
In terms of performance: AirPods 3 are expected to come powered by a new chipset and are said to support Apple Music Lossless Audio.

In addition, the AirPods 3 are expected to come with a good battery life and better than its predecessor compared to the AirPods 2 2.

Apple AirPods 3 appear in official photos in preparation for launch

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