Galaxy Z Flip with a new patented rotating camera for Samsung

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Samsung recently filed for a patent for a foldable electronic device with a rotating camera on the phone hinge in the middle, and the phone looks like the Galaxy Z Flip.

Galaxy Z Flip rotating camera details

show innocence invention Samsung puts the camera in the hinge as well, as the camera can rotate to take pictures at different angles from the front, top and back as well, and it can certainly take selfies as shown in the illustrations above.

And due to changes in the position of the camera, Samsung can provide a larger secondary screen for the phone, to display more content on it, especially when taking selfies, in addition to notifications of incoming calls, messages and other notifications.

One of the disadvantages of the phone is the inability to lay it flat on the table when opened, as the camera will be protruding to the back as in the image below.

Galaxy Z Flip with a new patented rotating camera for Samsung

The documents revealed that the phone will have a large square screen in the upper back half of the phone, in order to show notifications, and as we said above, use it to take pictures in different shapes and modes, as in the image below.

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Galaxy Z Flip with a new patented rotating camera for Samsung

It is worth noting that Samsung has set the next August 11 date for a new event, during which it is expected to announce two foldable phones, the first is the Galaxy ZFold 3 and the second is the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

And many previous reports and leaks revealed that the company will not announce the Galaxy S21 FE or Galaxy Note 21.

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