Explain how to experience Windows 11 online without installing on the computer and phone

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Together, during these lines below, we will explain how to experience the new Windows 11 from Microsoft online without the need to install! Yes, you can take a look at this new Windows and see what it looks like from the inside without having to install . The great thing is that you will be able to do the steps below either on your phone screen or on your computer.

How to try Windows 11 online without installing

Windows 11 is expected to be launched at the end of 2021. But in case you want to look at the new design of desktop and start menu without any risk or without installation, you can do it at win11.blueedge.me website. This site emulates the new open source Windows 11 desktop project in the browser using web technologies such as React, CSS, and Javascript.

Very important notice:

Not all jobs are available yet. File Explorer or Explorer is still missing You can’t drag or resize windows You can’t load or block windows You can’t change the background image But in general, this method gives you a quick look at Windows 11 without installing through the Internet browser on your computer and phone.

Windows 11

Generally, Windows 11 in React is a version for Windows 11 online experience that is implemented using front-end technology, such as React and CSS or (SCSS) and JS, and this is not a full operating system, but the user interface is compatible with Windows 11, and can also experience the functions of Browse through Edge browser like browsers, app stores, etc.

Those who don’t want to become Insider members or don’t want to spend a lot of time installing, can easily try out Windows 11 in a web browser.

Explain how to experience Windows 11 online without installing on the computer and phone

Developer Blue edge has created a new Windows 11 desktop and made it available as a web app. This model of Windows 11 doesn’t have many features in the browser, but it’s very easy to try and get at least a basic look at its new design and layout.

Just, head over to this link.”win11.blueedge.meFrom the phone or computer. Now, Windows 11 can also be tried in a web browser without having to sign in and install it.

In the event that you do not find this method useful and you want to install Windows 11 trial version now on your computer, then you will be required to review a previous article entitled “Install Windows the original version for free in an official way from Microsoft” and here you will find complete details about how to install Windows 11 Demo on the computer in an official way from Microsoft.

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