Does phone speaker quality matter to you?

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Over the years, we’ve seen smartphones evolve a lot and now pack bigger screens with thinner frames than ever, a whole lot of raw power and incredible cameras. In addition, we now see exciting new smartphone form factors, be it folding phones like Galaxy Z Fold 2 or dual-screen them as LG Wing.

But when buying a phone, whether it’s a budget, a mid-ranger or a flagship, you often have to deal with an area where smartphones do not seem to improve much over time – sound quality.

Apart from more extravagant smartphones like Asus ROG Phone 5 with its impressive dual front-firing speakers, many phones usually pack only a single speaker, or at best they use the earpiece as another. The resulting sound, even in that case, is often thin and uneven, though at least with a stereo effect.

If phone manufacturers do not put so much effort into improving the sound quality of their devices, does that mean that users are happy with what they have? And that’s enough for games or watching movies? Or are fans of good sound quality just silent? Well, it’s time to speak up!

Vote below and let us know in the comments if smartphone speaker quality matters to you, if sound quality is a factor that you always consider when buying, or if you are happy with the sound quality of your current phone.

Does the phone’s speaker quality matter?

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