Samsung obtains a patent for a mobile camera phone

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Samsung is developing a new type of camera for phones, with reports that this triple camera can move a variable aperture and variable field of view (FoV).

Samsung’s new technology details

In October 2020, Samsung filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a mobile camera.

indicate documents To the Samsung Galaxy Camera with a movable body, it is about having a triple camera on the back of the device, another ultra-wide-angle camera is used, and a telephoto lens. Additionally, additional cameras can be added.

Samsung obtains a patent for a mobile camera phone

The wide angle lens is placed in the middle, the other lens and the telephoto lens are placed to the left and right of the main camera, each lens has a different field of view (FoV).

The three cameras are placed next to each other, depending on the shooting situation, the user can move the central lens down (via the touch screen), at the same time the other two cameras will move to the sides creating a triangle, and as the distance between the cameras changes, the aperture also changes,

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The appropriate aperture depends on the situation, for portrait photography, a wide aperture (small number) is usually used to create a blurry background, with city or landscape photography, you want the whole image to be sharp, so a small aperture is desirable.

Samsung obtains a patent for a mobile camera phone

This is not the first time that Samsung has developed a camera with a variable aperture, both the Samusng Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S10 are equipped with a wide-angle camera with a variable aperture, however, with the help of this new camera system, all three cameras will have a variable aperture. In addition, the visual field will also be variable.

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