iPhone 13 Pro Max causes a battle between Apple and China

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We are slowly getting closer to the date of the announcement of the upcoming iPhone phones… Despite the scarcity of leaks about the phone, Chinese sources are working hard to reveal the secrets of the new iPhone 13 Pro Max before the official announcement… And this is what angers the American company… Let’s follow the details via my TV number..

iPhone 13 Pro Max leaks anger Apple!

The latest rumor related to a series of phones iPhone 13 Relates to battery charging speeds. A report from MyDrivers says that Apple may increase battery charging speeds for some iPhone 13 versions to 25W. But this is not a huge leap from the previous generation, as the iPhone 12 supports a maximum charging speed of 20 watts … According to the source, this slight increase will not improve charging time significantly. The source also says that a 25W charger will cost a bit more than a 20W charger, which currently retails for $20. This means that iPhone 13 users who want to take advantage of the faster charging speeds will have to buy a new charger because the company no longer includes a charger inside the box…

With regard to wireless charging, reports indicate that the iPhone 13 Pro Max will also come with faster wireless charging, with a capacity not yet known… note that it currently reaches 15 watts using the MagSafe magnetic charger. And of course, if we compare these numbers with what competitors offer in Android phones, we will find vast differences in charging capabilities… Some Android phones have reached charging capabilities of up to 100 watts and some exceed this number… This raises the indignation of many, especially after the company removed the charger originally from inside the box. …

But apart from the charging speeds, Apple seems to be very angry about the leaks about its phones… Apple is known to maintain complete secrecy before announcing its products… A few days ago the company’s lawyers in China sent a strongly worded official letter to a Chinese citizen who is considered a leaker of the company’s news and warned him against He published more leaks… He had leaked the dimensions of the iPhone 13 Pro Max… The message says that the leaks may mislead the manufacturers of covers, who may make accessories and accessories that are incompatible with the final product. This hurts the blanket and accessories market, which is estimated to be worth about $20 billion worldwide, the company says. Apple also says the leaked information prevents it from surprising consumers at launch events and conferences. She confirmed that she will do her best to take strict measures to maintain the confidentiality of information about the products before their official release.

iPhone 13 Pro Max causes a battle between Apple and China

The idea is that the confidentiality of the information and innovations that the company seeks to present to its audience have real commercial value, and therefore its leakage reduces this value… The message was apparently sent in response to the campaign to sell Apple prototypes on social media. Rumor has it that these models were stolen by factory employees and sold to people who might benefit from them… which will often lead to information about the products being released long before their official announcement.

The new iPhones are expected to be announced in September. Until then, we’ll see if Apple’s anti-leak policy pays off… Share your expectations in the comments..

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