Google Chrome browser supports one of the best features of Android Android 12 .. Learn about this feature

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Google is always working on updating its famous browser, Google Chrome, adding many new features and improvements, fixing problems and filling security gaps in order to stay in competition with other Internet browsers of the same category such as Firefox and other browsers, and now we are with new news indicating that the Google Chrome browser will get An important feature that you will all like, let’s get to know it.

Google Chrome will bring one of the best features of Android 12

We all take screenshots or screenshots of our phones screen, but when you try to do something like take a long screenshot, it will be difficult to do so, and unfortunately we will have to take more than one screenshot. For this reason, we have all been waiting for Google to add a new option that will allow the ability to take a long screenshot.

Finally, Android 12 brought this feature, but unfortunately it does not work with all applications, but the good news today is that Google Chrome is among those applications that are most likely to provide this feature! Yes, soon Google Chrome browser will support one of the best features of Android 12.

Adding a long screenshot feature to Google Chrome browser is definitely a welcome change as it will solve Finally the hassle of taking a long screenshot and getting rid of the idea of ​​making multiple screenshots of a single webpage. It’s something we’re all looking forward to using in upcoming updates.

Google Chrome

You will be able to directly perform long screenshot capture in Android 12 by just clicking on Long Screenshot button without having to use third party apps.

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