Xiaomi to address the proximity sensor issue on some of its phones

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There have been a number of complaints in Xiaomi’s user community about some of its latest phones and their proximity sensors. And it seems that the company has listened and has a plan to resolve these issues.

The exact root of the problem has not been confirmed, but some users believe it is a hardware problem. Maybe that’s why Xiaomi has decided to end its agreement with Elliptic Labs – OEM’s supplier of proximity sensors. It has now reached an agreement with Minghao Sensing, although it is unclear when the new sensors will come to Xiaomi’s phones.

In addition, the tech giant will try to correct these annoying errors by sowing OTA updates to the affected devices in an attempt to recalibrate the sensors. However, if this is a common hardware issue that some people suspect may not be the solution that some users were hoping for.

We’ll see how this goes, but it’s good to see Xiaomi respond to the growing number of complaints about the sensors.

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