What was previously just leaks and rumors has now become a reality with the Korean company Samsung finally announcing a 200-megapixel sensor known as ISOCELL HP1. It is said to be the first 200MP image sensor. It also features dynamic pixel binning technology that adjusts the output resolution depending on the ambient light for best results.

In addition, the company also revealed the ISOCELL GN5 sensor, which is a 50MP slim camera sensor for smartphones.

ISOCELL HP1 Specifications and Features 200 MP Sensor

The ISOCELL HP1 is a 200-megapixel sensor measuring 1 / 1.22 inches with a native pixel size of 0.64 µm. Depending on the lighting condition, all-new ChameleonCell technology provides full pixel display, 2 x 2 pixel stacking, or 4 x 4 pixel stacking.

200 MP sensor

In 2 x 2 pixel binning mode, the sensor delivers 50MP images with 1.28µm pixels. In 4 x 4 pixel binning mode, the ISOCELL HP1 delivers 12.5 megapixel images with a pixel size of 2.65 µm. The sensor also supports 8K video recording at 30 fps, 4K video recording at 120 fps, and a fairly wide field of view. The company did not reveal the autofocus technology used in this sensor.

200 MP sensor

ISOCELL GN5 . Sensor

For the ISOCELL GN5 it is the company’s latest 50MP camera sensor. It is the world’s first 50MP smartphone camera sensor with Dual Pixel Pro omnidirectional AF technology, a 1/1.57 inch sensor with a native pixel size of 1 µm, but supports 2 x 2 pixel stacking for 12.5 MP images In low light conditions.

It also features Front Deep Trench Isolation (FDTI) technology to absorb as much light as possible within pixels and reduce noise to reduce noise. It supports 8K 30fps and 4K 120fps video recording as well.

Both of Samsung’s new ISOCELL camera sensors are currently available for sampling, and we may see smartphones with these camera sensors sometime next year.

Overall, with ISOCELL HP1 a 200MP sensor that breaks down barriers and an ISOCELL GN5 sensor that brings ultra-fast autofocus, Samsung will continue to lead the trend towards the next generation of smartphones. Techniques portable photography.

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Now, what do you think of Samsung’s ISOCELL HP1 200MP Sensor?


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