New beta version of Samsung’s Internet browser improves security and the address bar

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Samsung’s Internet browser is one of the more feature-complete Chrome forks out there with add-on support (including ad blockers), custom user interface and so on. The development team behind it is working on version 16, which will bring a number of improvements to the browser’s core and its interface. Well, something new?

To begin with, the app is now based on Chromium M92, which has faster and more efficient phishing detection. You can read this blog posts for more. Samsung added some of its own security features, including giving Smart Protect the ability to detect and block tracking pixels. These are 1x1px images that are invisible, but help third-party servers track which web pages you have visited.

Next, the address bar has been improved to show more information. It displays data in the following order: 1) response suggestions (e.g. the forecast when searching for “weather”), 2) related search suggestions, and 3) suggestions from your bookmarks and history.

The Samsung Internet 16 browser enhances the usability of the address bar

The suggestions have changed from a simple list to use the chip UI element, which allows the browser to fit multiple elements on the screen.

Finally, there is side zoom. Unlike regular pinch zoom, this preserves everything on the screen, so you do not have to pan to the side to see things that were pushed off the screen. It works in the same way as increasing the text size, but it also enlarges other elements on the page proportionally. Here is a demo:

You can take the new features for a spin with the Beta version, which is available through the Galaxy Store and Toy store. You do not need a Samsung device to download this, and the beta is installed as a separate app so that it does not overwrite the stable internet app if you already have it.

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