Redmi K30 Ultra How to fix very slow charging

Many problems appeared about the system, interface, and battery for some Xiaomi phones, including the Redmi K30 Ultra, and users sent their questions to the company, which did not neglect to respond to its audience.

Where it is yesterday, he answered speaker On behalf of Xiaomi, to questions related to the special MIUI interface, problems and errors that the system has, as well as about the slow charging speed of the Redmi K30 Ultra in version .

Redmi K30 Ultra

How to fix the slow charging of the Redmi K30 Ultra

In order to improve and fix the very slow charging speed of Redmi K30 Ultra, Xiaomi spokesperson recommended using the original phone charger and data cable as much as possible. Also, he recommended cleaning the USB port and keeping the port well dry at all times.

In addition, as the temperature rises, the heat dissipation efficiency of the mobile phone decreases and the somatosensory temperature rises. Thus, the charging itself will generate heat, which leads to the problem of slow charging and delaying the charging speed.

Regarding the Redmi K30 Ultra phone overheating when playing games in this version, the company said that it is an issue that is under further investigation and search for causes and solutions.

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Redmi K30 Ultra specifications

The phone comes with a 6.67-inch AMOLED screen, a refresh rate of 120 Hz, a brightness of 500 nits, a display quality of 1080 * 2400 pixels and a density of 395 pixels per inch, with a Gorilla Glass 5 protection layer and an aspect ratio of 20: 9.

As for performance: it is powered by a powerful Mediatek MT6889Z Dimensity 1000+ octa-core processor with 7nm manufacturing technology, and a Mali-G77 MC9 graphics processor. It also runs Android 11 with the MIUI 12 user interface.

Memory options: It comes with three options of internal storage 128, 256 and 512 GB, with only two options of random access memory (RAM) with a capacity of 6 and 8 GB.

With regard to the cameras, the phone has a quad-lens rear camera within a circular frame, so that the first lens, which is the main with a resolution of 64 megapixels, the second lens of 13 megapixels, and a macro lens of 5 megapixels, and a fourth dedicated to the depth of 2 megapixels.
While the front camera is automatically pop-up and comes with a 20-megapixel resolution.

The Redmi K30 Ultra phone battery is large, non-removable lithium-polymer, with a capacity of 4500 mAh, and supports fast charging with a power of 33 watts, and it also supports fast charging.

Redmi K30 Ultra price

The phone is available in attractive colors white, black and green, and costs about 490 USD.

We will now review some questions from the public to the company, which in turn responded to them via its official website:

Official Xiaomi responses to some noteworthy questions about the problems of some phones

Q: In some scenes used, in the MIUI development version, sometimes the phone restarts automatically.
A: It has been fixed in the development version. Please update to the latest version.

Q: In some usage scenes, the screen will switch to 60Hz refresh rate.
A: More investigations are underway. Please check for improvement in later versions.

Q: In the development version, the phone does not display local music.
A: It has been fixed in the development version. Please update to the latest version.

Q: In the development version, when set to full screen and unlocked, full screen gestures become classic navigation keys.
A: More investigations are underway, please check for improvement in later versions.

Q: I cannot delete the desktop gadget of my Redmi K30 Pro.
A: We fixed it in the latest version. Please update your phone to the latest version.

Q: On Xiaomi Mi 6X, it automatically adjusts the volume in version.
A: If you encounter this problem frequently, please go to your nearest aftermarket outlet for testing.

Q: In the development version, in the notification management section, we can’t find the install app option.
A: We fixed it in the latest version. Please update to the latest version to check if it is working properly now. Thank you for your feedback.

Redmi K30 Ultra OFFICIAL - 120Hz AMOLED + Dimensity 1000+ - YouTube

MIUI 12/12.5 is nothing short of a major update. And due to the delay of MIUI 13 for some reasons, this version will remain a base system version. But as expected, apart from introducing a lot of improvements, it also came with a number of bugs. Some have already been fixed, but others are still standing.

However, everyone is sure that in the near future Xiaomi will fix all the problems and bugs too, it’s not just a matter of time!

Redmi K30 Ultra How to fix very slow charging

What do you think of Xiaomi’s credibility with users and their answers to their questions? Have you encountered any problem for one of the Xiaomi phones? Share your comments..


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