Ice Universe says the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have continuous zoom 3x and 10x cameras

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There have been many conflicting rumors about the camera setup on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Some say the phone will reuse the S21 Ultra setup, others claim it will be equipped with Samsung’s new 200 MP sensors. Lækster Isunivers has chimed in and leans most towards the first option, but with improved telephoto cameras.

According to The Cat, the S22 Ultra will have two variable focal length zoom lenses. The first starts at 3x, the second at 10x. These are the same magnification numbers as the current Ultra, although the new lenses should be able to zoom in further (specifications on focal lengths are currently unknown).

And there will be a small upgrade to the sensors used in the two telecom cameras. The new model will use two 12 MP sensors with 1.22 pixelsm pixels, according to leakster, compared to two 10 MP sensors with the same pixel size (ie the new sensors will be slightly larger). Both cameras have optical image stabilization (OIS).

The main camera will be the same, except for a few tweaks. It will have a 108 MP sensor with 0.8 pixelsm pixels. It is not clear if this will be the same HM3 sensor that was used in the current Ultra or a new generation. However, it is said to bring an improved OIS.

The camera setup of the current Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The ultra-wide-angle camera reportedly sticks to a 12 MP sensor but gets OIS. Electronic stabilization tends to do a good enough job on the ultra wide, but it may possibly provide new interesting tricks.

Finally the selfie camera. It will still have a 40 MP sensor, just like the current Ultra, and it will almost certainly not be under display (Samsung’s first UD camera has only 4 MP resolution, and there is less than a year of development time). However, Samsung will improve the lens so it is not without upgrades.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series is expected in January 2022, we should get more reliable information as the launch approaches. Galaxy S22 and S22 + may be looking at major camera upgrades with a 50 MP main camera and a proper telephoto lens (possibly the same 3x variable focal length module as the S22 Ultra).

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