Flashback: famous phones featured in blockbuster movies (The Matrix, Iron Man)

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A few years ago, we looked through the history of Sony (Ericsson) phones used in James Bond movies. But 007 is not the only fictional character used to promote a particular handset.

Nokia 7110 is known to appear in The matrixhowever, it’s a myth – it was actually a Nokia 8110 that was changed to have a spring-loaded keyboard cover. 7110 was unveiled a month before the film’s premiere, and unlike its predecessor, it had a sprint-laden cover. The 7110 is also famous for being the first phone to run the Series 40 software and has a WAP browser.

Nokia 7110

Nokia 8110 • Nokia 7110

In a way, a fictional version of the 8110 impacted a real world product. This was also the case with the sequel, Matrix reloaded. This time it was completely intentional and planned – the Matrix team worked closely with Samsung to develop a phone. Well, more like a promotional piece of goods than a phone that was launched along with the film’s premiere.

The Samsung SPH-N270, also called the “Matrix phone”, also featured a spring-loaded mechanism – the earpiece covered most of the screen, but it could be pushed up to reveal the rest of it. Fans were pretty disappointed to find out that this was a very basic feature phone (it could not even handle SMS) and that it differed from the phone used in the current movie (which was presumably a non-functional one). props).

The Samsung SPH-N270 was a Matrix Reloaded binding
The Samsung SPH-N270 was a Matrix Reloaded binding
Samsung SPH-N270 was a Matrix Reloaded binding

Samsung SPH-N270 was a Matrix Reloaded tie-in (image credit)

It was also available in very limited numbers, only 10,000 were produced (and each is marked with a serial number). It also cost a steep $ 500, but as a collector’s item, the price of the used market doubles.

Let’s leave the Matrix and visit the Marvel Cinematic Universe next time. Instead of inventing its own phones, MCU preferred to advertise real-world products. For example, the LG VX9400 was used by Tony Stark (not long before the Iron Man suit was built) in the first Iron Man movie.

However, it is not a hard and fast rule for Iron Man 2 the film’s prop master created a fictional phone – the futuristic look was achieved with a 3D printer that created a frame to hold a transparent piece of glass (the phone’s user interface was all CGI). Of course, it had the frame Stark Industries logo, but also the LG logo (the Korean giant was the sponsor of the first for movies). The real world LG has doubled down on transparent phones, though they were much, much simpler.

Flashback: Famous Phones Found in Big Movies (The Matrix, Iron Man)

A few films later, the partnership with LG ended and TCL came on board. At the time, it primarily sold phones under the alcatel brand, it was licensed by Nokia. Alcatel One Touch Idol was featured in Iron Man 3. It can be seen in the hands of many characters, see the teaser video below:

A few years later in Captain America: Civil War, Steve Rogers (the original hood) and Tony Stark can be seen using a vivo V3 (note: info is a bit unclear here, one of the phones may have been a V3Max instead). At the time, vivos were not widely available outside of China, so Western audiences were unlikely to recognize the brand.

Vivo V3 and V3Max were shown in Captain America: Civil War

Vivo V3 and V3Max were shown in Captain America: Civil War

By the way, James Bond left Sony and switched to a Nokia. The new film was originally released in November 2019, but was pushed back to February and then to April due to something behind the scenes drama. The premiere date was not meant to be as the pandemic had already closed most cinemas. No time to die is currently scheduled for release on September 30, 2021

All these delays meant that the phone in the trailers – a Nokia 8.3 5G – is old news, so some changes were needed.

In any case, there are several movie phones to cover. Do you know what was the chosen smartphone for Nolan’s Batman? We cover it (and more) in a future installment.

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