Top 5 features of iOS 15 and the most powerful changes that the update offers

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Tamsin Rodriguez21 September 2021Last Update : 9 months ago
Top 5 features of iOS 15 and the most powerful changes that the update offers

The new Apple system iOS 15 is now available for download on your phone, whether you are using the latest phone from the company, the iPhone 13 or the iPhone 6s that the company launched 6 years ago.

The company has been rolling out the public beta of the new iOS 15 for several months, and it has undergone a variety of modifications leading up to the release of the final version.

There are many features that have been tested and liked by a lot of users like FaceTime web calling links for friends on Android and Windows and Pin Conversations at the top of the Messages app.

Overall, iOS 15 sounds like a word for iOS 14, which seemed like a sequel to iOS 13. By following the smart steps of iOS 13 and iOS 14, iOS 15 lets you decide how much changes you want to experience on your iPhone.

For example, in Safari, the tab bar can be moved to the bottom of your phone’s screen for easier one-handed access. If you want that tab bar to go back to the top where it has been since 2007, you can click the AA button and select Show Top Address Bar.

iOS 15 doesn’t change the look of your phone, or at least not in a big way, so it’s not like the sweeping change seen in iOS 7 from iOS 6. It will introduce many small and medium additions that add something more important, like more ways to customize your Memoji to your phone. The biggest visual improvements are in Maps.

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When it comes to device support, Apple’s iOS is second to none, it will work on the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE, but you may not get all the new additions. In this article from My TV, we will introduce you to the best and most powerful features and changes that the new iOS 15 system has to offer.

iOS 15 features

Here are some of the best features of iOS 15 – the iPhone system that Apple launched, let’s get to know them together.

Focus mode

Top 5 features of iOS 15 and the most powerful changes that the update offers

The update added the Focus feature, where you can choose the important things that you want to focus on according to your situation, such as private life, sleep or work.

With focus mode enabled, your status is automatically displayed in messages for friends to see. This is similar to setting Away’s status to “Slack”, but to remind others not to bother you. The difference is that Focus Status works system-wide across iPhone, Mac, and other devices. You also have the ability to turn off focus status so it is not shared.

Third-party app developers can integrate Focus Status into their messaging apps if they so choose. This leads to the possibility that your Focus Status will work with apps like WhatsApp, Signal, or others in the future.

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Top 5 features of iOS 15 and the most powerful changes that the update offers

Focus mode can be easily set up or edited through the settings. Like in Do Not Disturb mode, you will still receive all your messages and calls, but only the contacts you have selected will be alerted. Unmarked contacts who are trying to reach are alerted when using focus mode above the text field in Messages that my notifications have been silenced, so there is an option for them to “notify anyway”.

The app pages that display from your home screen can be customized during a specific focus, you can create an app page that was only dedicated to the apps you use while working, for example, and contains apps like Slack, Filmic Pro, and Voice Memos, you can turn off apps you knew would be a distraction Like Instagram and Twitter.

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Portrait mode for Facetime video chatting app

Top 5 features of iOS 15 and the most powerful changes that the update offers

Portrait mode isn’t just for your photos anymore. iOS 15 lets you turn on Portrait mode for your FaceTime calls, which brings with it the ability to put an artistic background blur behind you.

Zoom, Skype, and other video chat apps let you put a blur around you, but Apple’s app looks much better and more natural. However, Facetime Portrait mode lacks the weird halo effect often found in Zoom.

When Portrait mode is paired with Spatial audio in FaceTime, video calls become more inclusive, as spatial audio determines the location of a person’s audio source on the screen during group FaceTime calls.

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Notification Summary removes clutter from your iPhone

Top 5 features of iOS 15 and the most powerful changes that the update offers

Notification summary is like your profile filled with formatted notifications that are neither urgent nor inappropriate. Allow iOS 15 You collect your useful notifications from the apps you care about in one place where you can view them as per your choice.

Notification summary is great for dealing with those notifications that you want but don’t necessarily need to see right away. A good example is a notification from a game that lets you know about an update to it.

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Live Text feature

Top 5 features of iOS 15 and the most powerful changes that the update offers

You can use Live Text in real time with your camera or with images to identify text, and it automatically detects if text is present and contextualizes it. It works with both printed text and handwriting. If there is a phone number, you can tap on it to dial the number. All you have to do is click the Live Text icon at the bottom right to interact with any text in the frame.

It is worth noting that there are several features that will not be available when iOS 15 launches including the ability to add ID cards such as your driver’s license to your iPhone wallet. Also, the SharePlay feature that allows you to listen to music or watch a movie or TV show together and in sync with your friends.

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And now leave us your opinion in the comments… Did you like the features of the new Apple system?

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