Nokia 7500 Prism Phone – The Last Status Symbol

Scarlette Lennon25 September 2021Last Update : 9 months ago
Nokia 7500 Prism Phone – The Last Status Symbol

Nokia is a renowned mobile manufacturing company and has recently produced various stylish and advanced handsets. A number of trendy phones have been introduced by different companies and most of them are doing good business. Therefore, Nokia has also come up with a stylish gadget known as the 7500 Prism phone.

The Nokia 7500 Prism is an eye-catching device that is in high demand these days. The shape and size of this phone is very attractive. As the name suggests, this handset has been designed in a way that is reminiscent of a prism. Its dimensions are 109 x 44 x 14 mm and its weight is only 83 grams. The 2 inch TFT screen of this phone makes it more fascinating. Users can view high quality images and videos on this screen.

The multimedia features of this gadget are very attractive. A 2 megapixel camera has been added along with it which gives users the ability to capture any images and videos they want. For music lovers, this handset has a media player on which all kinds of music files can be played. An FM radio was also made available so that users could listen to the latest songs and news. The internet is used for different purposes nowadays and people want to have this setup on their handsets. The Nokia 7500 Prism mobile phone is based on the latest technology which provides smooth web access to users. GPRS and EDGE are the technologies that have been used for this purpose. In addition, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP support enables data transfer at fast speed.

The talk time given by this handset is up to 2 hours 50 minutes which is relatively less compared to other phones. However, standby time can reach 240 hours, which is quite reasonable. WAP 2.0 browser has been provided with this handset which allows users to view different websites simultaneously. One can compare the Nokia 7500 Prism phone with other phones in the same category and make his purchase decision. After looking at all these factors, it can be said that the Nokia 7500 Prism is a great phone that thrills the users and gives them great value for money.

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