Simple tips to improve mobile battery life

Scarlette Lennon27 September 2021Last Update : 9 months ago
Simple tips to improve mobile battery life

We are all well aware of how leaving fewer apps on and changing display settings can improve battery backup. But we tend to ignore general battery care when using your mobile. I myself suffered because of this account and had to waste money to replace it. Here are some simple but necessary precautions to avoid damaging your battery:

1. Never charge your battery on the UPS backup! The inverter power supply is essentially incompatible with the normal sine wave power supply in our homes. Some mobiles like the Motorola even give an “Invalid Battery” error if you try to charge it from an inverter supply. It’s a safe method to permanently damage your battery!

2. Do not recharge frequently: Try not to recharge your battery until it is completely (or almost) discharged. Most of us make a habit of recharging our phones as soon as we see the battery half-low. Unless you are away for a long time and need a full backup, avoid recharging the battery until it is 80% used. Frequent recharging reduces battery life.

3. Avoid use while charging – do not use the mobile while it is charging unless absolutely essential. In such a case, be sure to first turn off the switch, then unplug the charger and only then start using the phone. Never unplug the mobile without turning off the mains power switch.

By following these tips, I have been using my mobile for almost 2 years with a backup battery as good as the first day! Try this and see the change for yourself 🙂

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