iPhone 13 Pro features we missed | Google Pixel Fold | Add virtual RAM to your phone | Stars of Science 13

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Five missing features in iPhone 13 Pro and Google is preparing to break into the foldable phone market.. What does the default RAM feature mean? Follow us in your tech post via my TV number.

Missing features in iPhone 13 Pro and new Tech Bulletin

We have provided you with a rich and large coverage of calories, sorry. Technical.. iPhone 13 Pro Max phone report, the difference between the four siblings, Mr. Q and a creative episode about the new iPhone.. And also about the iPad and the watch. There is an upcoming comparison with the Galaxy S21 Ultra.. Watch after the bulletin

And we start the bulletin about the missing features of the new iPhone, the company introduced a lot of new features, but what did the phone miss?

Samsung announced the Galaxy M32 phone and presented the Real Phone 8s .. Then the two companies added a new feature entitled.. The RAM is extendable or expandable.. Yes?! This is a strange new word.. so what is the meaning?

The creative Arab youth continues to present their ideas in the Stars of Science program, and this time a couple came to the program to present two ideas.. were they approved?

Google does not want a delay more than that.. The giant company is preparing to break into the foldable phone market.. What will it offer this time and Microsoft is launching the Office 2021 suite for download on the fifth of next October

Apple is preparing to open its first official store in Qatar to sell its devices, similar to the countries of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and SpaceX for space science publishes Video Stunning captured from Crew Dragon

A famous American YouTuber loses her YouTube channel due to fake tears during filming a scene, as she forced her nine-year-old son to cry in order to take a thumbnail, and there are those who say that most channels do these artificial movements

The launch of Battlefield 2042 has been postponed from October to November 19 this year.. The reason, according to the developer team, is the tremendous pressure caused by the global pandemic.

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