Galaxy S22 Ultra turns into a Note? | Unify the iPhone and Android charger | xiaomi civi terrible | Stars of Science 22

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Kaf reveals the first video of the Galaxy S22 Ultra phone .. And a big problem between Europe and Apple because of the charger .. And Stars of Science begins the strong stage .. And Xiaomi is preparing for Monday .. Welcome to the Tech bulletin via my TV number.

Galaxy S22 Ultra leaks Tech News Bulletin

And we start the first reports of the bulletin about the important video that leaked to the Galaxy S22 Ultra .. The video reveals the design and shape of the cameras .. And Xiaomi is not satisfied with its current phones, there is a series of smart phones coming tomorrow, Monday .. What will the company offer this time

The Stars of Science program has entered a new and important stage towards the qualifiers.. This time the jury gave a chance to contestants from last season, and the European Union crisis with Apple is back again, Europe wants to unify the charging port, but Apple will respond in its own way

Huawei officially announces the nova 9 series of phones, which includes a Snapdragon 778G processor and supports 100W fast charging technology.. WhatsApp is preparing for the feature of converting images into stickers directly within the application, where a new sticker icon will appear..

Microsoft unveils the second generation of the foldable Surface Duo phone, as the new version launches with a Snapdragon 888 processor and supports 5G technology.. A disassembly of the iPhone 13 Pro reveals that the battery capacity is 3095 mAh, compared to a battery with a capacity of 2815 mAh in the iPhone 12 Pro

Video leak New reveals the design of the upcoming Google Pixel 6 Pro, and confirms what has been published about the different design of the rear camera.

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