Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max in for review

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Apple announced the iPhone 13 series earlier this month, and we have already acquired a Pro Max device with us subject to our review procedure. It has the same footprint as the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but is slightly thicker due to its larger battery, has better screen and an overtaken camera setup.

Apple calls the iPhone 13 Pro Max screen a “ProMotion screen”, which is the marketing name for the 120Hz variable refresh rate panel. Developers need to customize their apps with updates to enable support for it, so don’t expect to have that extra smoothness everywhere from the start.

We also make sure to test the new A15 Bionic chipset, and if the new larger battery manages to offset the screen’s higher refresh rate.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max in for review

Even with charging speeds that do not improve from the old 20W, it will be interesting to see how long you need to recharge the extended battery.

But even now we can tell that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a heavy phone, its weight of 240g was felt immediately after you took it. The handling is also compromised by the rather large 78.1 mm width, making the 13 Pro Max the widest phones out there.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max in for review

All three cameras on the iPhone 13 Pro Max come with new sensors and lenses. We are excited to see if they really make a significant difference compared to the outgoing model.

Our full review of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is already underway. It should be out early next week, so stick with it!

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