Web optimization can lead to more website traffic

Scarlette Lennon1 October 2021Last Update : 9 months ago
Web optimization can lead to more website traffic


You can make the most beautiful site on the web, but what good is it if no one can find it? This is where advertising and promotion come in. By promoting your site in the right online channels, you will find that it takes a bit of muscle and a lot of know-how to market your products or services to the public.

There are several ways to advertise your site on the internet such as Paid Search (PPC) which will basically drive instant traffic but again you have to pay for it. If you want instant visitors to your site, this may be the best option right now for you.

SEO and social advertising are usually the free options, but it takes a lot longer to find your keywords organically in your chosen market. If you want to attract visitors who are interested in your brand, you will need to target high traffic channels and high traffic PA / DA sites that already have huge traffic.

Writing content on Web 2.0 profile sites is another form of advertising. Be sure to write long content (1000-1500 words) and use meta descriptions and internal mesh as good as external links to promote other pages on and off your website. On-page content optimization is great for SEO and will help increase not only your website traffic through organic search but your page rank on Google as well.

Social marketing

You can have the prettiest site in your market, but unless you market it so people can find you, what’s the point? One of the best and cheapest ways to increase traffic to your website is definitely to produce website content and then share it on social media.

Use as many social media pages as possible to market your content … for free! Facebook and Twitter are obvious choices because they are widely used and have millions of users.

Content marketing is all about making your headlines and headlines short and catchy so that people will click on the link provided to view your content immediately. Headlines drive traffic, or let me say the right headline will drive traffic. You need to generate interest to make a visitor want to know more about the post.

The topic needs to be clear and easy to read with great graphics and a CTA (call to action) if you want them to click the back link to your website. Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vimeo, and YouTube are great for promoting products through infographics, images, or videos. Don’t forget the title and description! This is what captures their attention in the first place. Who knows, your content might even go viral!

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network on the internet today, so don’t forget this medium when looking for great places to post your content. Your profile on LinkedIn will be noticed and all of your posts will eventually generate website traffic due to the links they contain. It’s about regularly publish quality content in order to develop your followers. As soon as you write new articles, your subscribers will be notified and will view your content.

Also, don’t forget to vary the length of each post and mix them up and write about things that people actually care about or are looking for a solution to. There are literally thousands of people in North America every day who search for your services and / or products online on Google. They search for specific keywords, so make sure they find your site and not your competitor’s.

Guest blogging

Yes, guest blogging is alive and well, and as long as it’s in your “related market” you won’t be penalized by search engines for promoting your website in this way.

Posting content on related websites will increase traffic to your site or blog. This will help build brand awareness and drive traffic and sales in the process. There are rules for guest blogging, so be sure to keep the topic in a related context and only provide one or two links to your money site, landing page, or services page.

If you don’t follow Google Best Practices Guide when you post on other blogs you are penalized so be careful and proceed accordingly.

There is another way to start a guest blog, which is to get other people to post content on your site. Again, this must relate to the niche you are already in. Linking to another page with related content is often seen as a good thing in the eyes of search engines, and you even get valuable page ranking points for your efforts. Ultimately, make sure all posts and blog posts are of high quality, not spam in nature. You will be penalized for any low quality content or any mass web backlinking tactics, so once again be careful when blogging as a guest.

Target the right keywords

You may need to hire a local SEO company to learn more about targeting keywords for your market. The company will first do an SEO analysis of your website to determine how well it is search engine optimized, and then create a list of keywords to use in an upcoming SEO campaign for your brand. Remember, you want to be found organically in the search engines for your products and services, in your chosen market, for your specific set of keywords.

Some of these keywords can be just a one or two word phrase, while others can be long tail keywords. These type of long-tail keywords make up a significant percentage of daily Google searches. People type whatever comes to their mind at that time, looking for a product in your market. Guess what? They will find your product if your site is optimized using the right keywords for your brand.

Get a local SEO service company to do a free SEO analysis of your website, just as a starting point. This part will cost you nothing and will let you know if you need to hire someone to correct the on-page SEO of your site.

Web optimization for mobile devices

Nowadays, Internet surfing is done more and more on cell phones. Years ago this was mostly done on desktops and Macs, but those days are behind us.

People want a quick way to find products, services, restaurants, or book a Prince Edward Island tuna charter. They want to respond quickly and they want it now. This is where smartphone research comes in.

Today everyone has some type of iPhone or Android phone with a data plan so they can always have the internet on hand if they need it. That being said, as a web developer, you had better make sure that your website is responsively optimized for mobile devices of all shapes and sizes. Your website should be accessible with easy-to-read content.

Search engines have adapted their algorithms to give points for responsive design. In fact, in the last six months since Google’s last update, if your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you either receive a penalty or that or you won’t receive positive ticks.

Tip: Make sure your visitors can find you on the web and view your business website on any smartphone, iPad, or Samsung device. You will get valuable Google page ranking points and also get more website traffic and maybe more sales in the process.

Fast loading site

You will get points from Google and other major search engines like Bing and Yahoo if your site loads quickly. Who wants to spend 20-30 seconds for a website to load?

Usually large images or blocks of code will cause your page to load slowly, causing visitors to leave quickly before the first page even loads. This is what they call the “bounce rate”. Your bounce rate will likely be over 50% if your site isn’t designed to load quickly.

View all header graphics and other photos and videos on your main page. Are they all necessary? What is their purpose and are they at the lowest resolution possible so that they not only look good but your page will load faster because of it.

Optimize your pages, technically, so that your site performs well and not only will the site load faster, but users will stay on your site longer to check your products or services. Your bounce rate will decrease and your website traffic and sales will increase, vice versa. Check all your third-party plugins for SEO and social sharing. Are they all working well and making mistakes? Consult an SEO professional if you are unsure.

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