iOS 15 – iOS 15 did not impress users, and there was little demand to download it.. Here are the details

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Apple recently revealed its latest iOS 15 – iOS 15, but it seems that it has not been able to attract the attention of users compared to the previous version iOS 14. Users have noticed a lot of problems in this system and some consider it the most bug-ridden system update in Apple’s history .

show up a report It was reported that during the first two days of release, iOS 15 took longer for users to upgrade than it did iOS 14. After two weeks, the install rate of iOS 15 was lower than last year.

iOS 15 dissatisfied users

A report by the analytics company, Mixpanel, showed that only 8.59% of users updated their devices within 48 hours of the official iOS 15 release. In contrast, when iOS 14 was released in the same period last year, this percentage was as high as 14.68%.

The company also stated that since October 5, 2021, the system download rate has reached 22.22%. While the iOS 14 adoption rate was 41.97% in the same time period.

iOS 15 - iOS 15 did not impress users, and there was little demand to download it.. Here are the details

Notably, the company measures iOS adoption based on website and app visits using the mobile analytics SDK. Therefore, this data is not official and may not be completely accurate. However, last year’s data was obtained in the same way and appears to have been accurate.

As of now, there is no official announcement from Apple regarding the number of iOS 15 users. Additionally, earlier this year, Apple announced that iPhone users who are still using iOS 14 can choose to continue receiving important security updates.

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Problems with iOS 15

Since the launch of the iPhone 13 and iOS 15 series, users have reported a number of bugs. In the past few days, some reports revealed that the Apple Watch is unable to unlock the iPhone, the card does not show the presence of the SIM, the photos are missing, etc.


Now, there is yet another widespread bug in the new iPhone, with iPhone 13 series users complaining of serious problems with the touch sensitivity of the screen. Reports claim that touch sensitivity suddenly crashes and there will be no response when users tap on the screen. The good news about this error is that there is a quick but temporary solution, as you just need to restart the smartphone.

Also, few users reported that their old iPhones are facing the same issue after updating to iOS 15. This indicates that the touch screen issue is not specific to the iPhone 13 series. Hence, we can rule out a possible hardware issue.

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If you downloaded iOS 15 on your phones, did you notice any other problems? Tell us via the comments.

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