An important feature that must be activated to install applications on external memory directly without root for Samsung phones

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Android and Samsung phones have a lot of tweaks in its main Settings app, as well as through the options panels in different apps. But did you know that the Developer Options menu hides very important additional tools that you can try?

Developer options are hidden from Settings by default, but it’s easy to bring up this menu and navigate inside to see all the important options it has to offer. Let’s dig into the best Android developer options.

Here in these lines and as in the title, we will learn together about the most important option that must be enabled in Developer Options for Samsung phones and devices to get an important feature and functionality that we all need most of the time.

How to access developer options in Android?

As mentioned, Android hides the Developer options menu by default. Since the options are not necessary for normal use, this prevents inexperienced users from changing settings that may eventually harm performance.

Generally, you can activate this option by heading to Settings, then scroll down and tap the “About phone” section or option, then tap “Build number” several times until you see a message saying that you are now a developer.

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Once you do that, go back to the main Settings page and click on “System”, then click on “Developer Options”.

The most important option that must be enabled in the developer options for Samsung phones

After entering the Developer Options screen, scroll down the screen until you reach the “Allow apps to be inserted into external storage” option in developer mode, then activate and turn on this option as in the image below.


In a nutshell, this option will help you qualify any application to be written to external storage, regardless of the data values.

Conclusion :

If you have an Android smartphone that supports an external memory card port, and you want to move applications from internal memory to external memory, then you will first be required to activate or turn on this option so that you can transfer Applications without any problem.

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In your opinion, what is the most important option in Developer Options for Samsung phones?

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