Samsung Galaxy S20+ long-term review

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Samsung is announcing the next generation Galaxy S series flagship family next week, and we figured that some sort of look back at last year’s model was most appropriate. As luck would have it, one of our own has been long-term using Galaxy S20 +, and this long-term review came naturally.

Samsung Galaxy S20 + long review

Maybe you remember that we did a long-term review of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Still, the S20 + is more than a little different from the Ultra in several important ways like camera and handling. Additionally, it’s another person writing these paragraphs, so even if you consider the phones the same, the different perspective can be informative in itself. And finally, with the imminent release of the S21, the context of the time introduces its own level of detail.

Samsung Galaxy S20 + long review

The Galaxy S20 + is the mid-range option in the 2020 lineup and shares most of its hardware with the smaller S20. And when we say the most, we mean it – apart from the extra screen housing and the upscale battery capacity of the Plus, the two are almost the same phone. Clearly, pocket-friendly considerations come into play, but we’d argue that the Plus for the Ultra jump is more significant than the Vanilla to Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S20 + long review

Our usual lengthy review typically takes place over about a month, maybe six weeks. This time, S20 + has been the reviewer’s daily driver for over 6 months, so you could argue that he has had an even deeper bond with it than is common for this type of article.

On the other hand, it was only recently that the idea for an S20 + long-term review came to be, so he has not carefully researched it in all the 190+ days it has been in his pocket. At least not quite as he would have had if he had LTR in mind from the start. Maybe he should be more aware of such things going forward.

And going forward, let’s start with a few words about the Galaxy S20 +’s design.

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