Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra pictures of protection covers reveal the new design

Several leaks recently published some details related to the design of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Some of them revealed the design of the rear camera unit, which will come in the form of the letter “P” and includes four cameras, a laser autofocus sensor and an LED flash.

While other sources stated that the phone will get the same resolution as a phone camera Galaxy S21 Ultra But it is a new design for the same camera module.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra design appears in pictures of protective covers

And now, a new leak of images of custom protective covers for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra revealed, giving us a look at the design and what the device will look like. According to the leaked images, two types of protective covers appear, one with a thin design or the other with a thicker design.

All the reports about the Galaxy S22 Ultra in recent weeks indicate that the upcoming flagship phone will have a dedicated slot for the S Pen. However, the future of the Galaxy Note series is uncertain, but with the Galaxy Note 21 not coming out this year, Samsung may want to effectively convert the Galaxy S22 Ultra into a Note device with a different name.

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And if these leaks are true, the custom S Pen slot is the most important design element that the Galaxy phone needs to adopt to get closer to the Galaxy Note series.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra will be launched in January, according to rumors, alongside the regular and Plus models but they won’t have a slot for the S Pen.

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Galaxy S22 Ultra specifications (leaks)

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Previous leaks mentioned that the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s screen will come with an aspect ratio of 19.3:9, which is identical to the Galaxy Note20 Ultra as all S21 phones have 20:9 screens. This means that the phone will be wider, and likely to give way. for the pen. Also, the corners of the device will be almost less rounded than the S21 series although it may look similar to the corners of the Note phones.

Despite the need to make room for the stylus inside the phone’s frame, leaker Ice Universe mentioned that the battery capacity will be 5,000mAh which is about 500mAh more than the Note20 Ultra and identical to that of the S21 Ultra.

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Are you with Samsung’s decision to give the Galaxy S series the S Pen? Tell us via the comments.


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