Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra appears with a distinctive camera design in leaked photos

Several leaks revealed unofficial leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which were designed based on the leaked key specifications. This device featured an Infinity-O display, a dedicated S Pen slot, and a prominent P-shaped camera module.

Some have expressed their dislike of the proposed P-shaped camera design, especially compared to the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s distinctive camera module design.

However, the first leaked images may not be entirely accurate, as the fine details surrounding the P-shaped camera are blurred and the camera arrangement inside the unit has not been precisely determined. It is based on data collected from manufacturers of protective covers only.

New design for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra camera

Two design possibilities have been explored by fans andLeakers Until now. In the original view, the first possibility shows the main cameras surrounded by a single P-shaped casing. The second possibility is that the camera module has been split.

first design

A separate camera module design seems to be more acceptable. Fans are also trying to improve on the unusual camera module design by going back to Samsung’s timeline even further.

The new design is very similar to the Galaxy Note 10+’s camera module, featuring a similar but more prominent design for the camera and camera arrangement.

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The design seems to fit the P-shaped outline approved by the majority of case manufacturers that have leaked thus far, and it also appears to be an evolution of the Galaxy Note 10 series, and it fits the phone’s overall design better.

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