EU denies Apple allegations that moving to USB-C will stifle innovation

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The EU is serious about getting device manufacturers to use USB-C as a standard charging port, and it will obviously not be a big issue for Android manufacturers, as the USB-C connector is practically universally adopted there. However, Apple has more to lose and has argued that a switch to a common charging port will stifle innovation. The EU has now responded, pointing out that the bill allows for continued development.

In a recent interview, MEP and Consumer Protection Committee chair Anna Cavazzini said the proposal leaves an open door for adopting a different standard in the future when a better one emerges.

It is not exactly clear how the process of moving to a future standard would work at this point, but the important thing is that the proposal allows for further development.

As of now, only Apple uses its proprietary Lightning port for iPhones, while most iPads and MacBooks are charged via USB-C. Maybe it’s high time Apple adopted the superior USB-C connector anyway.


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