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Vivo reveals the date of its devices getting Android 12

Vivo is preparing to send the Android 12 update to its phones, as Google finally revealed Android 12 in full at the beginning of this October, however, as the system came with the announcement of the Pixel 6 series that came a few days ago.

Vivo phones details

revealed vivo FuntouchOS 12 beta release schedule based on Android 12, the update is scheduled to come for about 31 smartphones under S-series, V-series, X-series and Y-series, beta testing will start soon in the coming months, it is clear The flagship phones will get this update first, and the vivo X70 Pro + will be the first phone to get the update.

On Dec, the company will roll out the beta version of Android 12 for the Vivo X70 Pro, X60 Pro, X60, vivo V21 and Y72 5GK+ devices. Oddly enough, the vivo X70 Pro, which was announced alongside the Vivo X70 Pro+, will only get the beta in January. 2022.

Vivo reveals the date of its devices getting Android 12

Other smartphones will get the beta version of Android 12 in the same month, including some mid-range devices. The first batch of mid-range phones that will get Android 12 includes the vivo V21e 5G, V20 2021, V20, Y21, Y51A, and Y31. .

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In March 2022, the update will arrive for X50 and X50 Pro, and in the same month, the V20 Pro, V20 SE, Y33s, Y20G, Y53s and Y12s will receive the update, at the beginning of April 2022, it’s time to try out the S1 and Y19 for the latest version of Android. By the end of the month, V17, V17 Pro, S1 Pro, Y73, Y51, Y20, Y20i and Y30 will get the update.

Vivo reveals the date of its devices getting Android 12

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