The most important feature of the Samsung Galaxy A52 camera for Snapchat users

Do you have a Snapchat account and want to run the lenses of this application in your phone’s camera? Here, we learn together about the most important feature of the Samsung Galaxy A52 camera, through which you can activate the Snapchat lenses in your photos, in addition to obtaining a large number of filters.

How to turn on snapchat lenses on the Samsung Galaxy A52 camera

If you own the new Samsung Galaxy A52 2021 or are thinking of buying this phone, you will be able to operate the Snapchat lenses in the camera with ease by just opening the camera application on the phone, and then clicking on the “gear” option to access more settings Camera.

Next, scroll down the camera settings screen on your phone, and check the option to “Show Snapchat Lenses in Fun Mode” as shown in the screenshot above.

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snap chat

Now, turn on the front camera or the back camera as per your convenience, then swipe left until you reach the “Fun” mode, you will notice for yourself the appearance of a lens snap chat Along with a large selection of filters also below.

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In this way, the Snapchat camera can be activated in the new Samsung a52 mobile phone 2021.

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