Samsung releases One UI 4 promo videos, reveals the skin is headed to laptops

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Today, Samsung has released two official promo videos for its upcoming Android skin, One UI 4. Beta versions of this have been publicly available for a while in a few countries, and we’re already on beta 3 so far. The final build is expected to be out sometime in the next few weeks, so it does not surprise us that Samsung would make such videos to hype its skin.

The first video starts by focusing on the development of the skin since One UI 2, and goes through some user feedback – which brings us to the main claim, namely that One UI 4 is made according to the users’ wishes. Customization also plays a role, as do widgets (now with rounded corners) and dark mode for app icons.

There are also many other things being covered, but perhaps the most surprising development comes towards the end of the video, where Samsung proudly announces that they will get laptops to get some of the action via One UI Book 4. Like the name suggests. , it’s basically a special version of One UI for laptops.

I can not say that we saw this coming, but the main question here is – could this actually lead to some improvements in the user experience for buyers of Samsung laptops? Or is it just a desperate trick to copy Apple’s ecosystem games? It can be either, it can be neither part, it can be both, we have to wait and see.

In the second video, the company goes into a little more detail regarding customizations built into the One UI 4, as well as various photo-related tools and quick sharing things for your Samsung laptop. Oh, and the word “ecosystem” pops up, so do not say we have not warned you.

To end things, we get a glimpse of the Galaxy Watch 4 – which really stretches the logic of this being a promo video for One UI 4. But again, the watch is part of the all-important ecosystem, so that’s probably the reason for its inclusion .

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