Android 12L – Android 12L for foldable and tablet devices is coming with great features soon

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Android has faced many criticisms for not being designed to run on larger screen devices such as tablets than Apple’s iOS.

So Google began working on developing the Android system to support foldable devices and tablets, and today announced the new Android 12L operating system, which represents a major step for the company towards designing Android for devices with large screens.

Features of the new Android 12L system

It was announced today Android 12 At the Android Developer Summit as a new operating system that will provide a user interface optimized for large screen devices such as tablets, foldables, and Chrome OS devices. Google says it has improved the user interface to make Android more beautiful and easier to use on screens larger than 600 pixels.

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Android 12L - Android 12L for foldable and tablet devices is coming soon with great features

The new Android 12L operating system contains many improvements for devices with large screens, including the following:

  • Google search bar at the top.
  • It will introduce a taskbar that will allow you to quickly switch between applications, and will also make it easier to open applications in multi-window mode thanks to the swipe gesture, which can be seen in the video below these lines.
  • A playlist of six buttons that includes error reporting and a screenshot.
  • A two-column lock screen.
  • Dual interface for settings menu.
  • Redesigned interface that shows the current app almost full screen while other apps are smaller in size.
  • Automatically enable all apps to enter split screen mode even if the apps are not resizable.
  • Improved Google Compatibility Mode to deliver better letterbox experiences on apps that don’t properly support the full-screen aspect ratio that tablets and foldables allow.

According to Google, Android 12 will be launched early next year with the next batch of Android 12 foldable and tablet devices. However, it will be available today to developers while a developer preview of the Lenovo P12 Pro will be released soon, and a version of the Lenovo P12 Pro will be released soon. Also beta for Pixel phones in December.

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