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Apple’s upcoming iPhone SE 2022 phone, the opening of the Nova 9 box, the summary of Stars of Science and the upcoming Huawei revolution.. Welcome to your Tech publication via my TV number.

iPhone SE 2022 design and new news from Tech Bulletin

We do not see the iPhone SE 2022 every year.. Apple deals with this phone with high privacy.. We are used to it coming with a classic..but we may see a big change coming and a bit of frustration..

A severe global crisis.. confusion in technology companies of all kinds.. whether phones, cars, or even computers and laptops.. a crisis for which the user may pay in the end.

Huawei Nova 9 .. one of the most important phones every year .. achieves great sales numbers .. and a beautiful design .. Mr. Q offered us to open a phone box .. let’s see, and the stars of science ended with the first Tunisian winning the title of Stars of Science .. but the program It offers more important things than prize money

A lot of time is lost due to waiting and queues.. Technology contributed to solving an important part of this crisis, but there are details in our lives that waste time, Huawei offers a communications revolution to solve major crises

Microsoft regains its place as the world’s most valuable public company from Apple, whose shares plummeted after a sluggish quarterly earnings update.

Nintendo is working on a game Pikmin Bloom An augmented reality walking and roaming game like the popular Pokémon Go but different in terms of content, TikTok is testing a new in-app tipping feature that allows content creators to accept money from fans outside of TikTok LIVE.

The Twitter platform allows Twitter live broadcasters to record live audio sessions in Spaces to publish and listen to them later from followers, and in a historic event.. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, announces the change of the name of the parent company to Meta, provided that the Facebook application remains with the same name.

After the release of Android 12, Google officially announces a special version called Android 12L aimed at large screen devices such as foldable phones, tablets and ChromeOS devices. The idea of ​​the system is to adjust the user interface and everything related to it to fit large devices. The system will be issued early next year.

It revealed its first processor in the latest Pixel 6 family phones, and it came under the name Google Tensor.. But some developers discovered inside the new Pixel devices software that bears the name of a new version of the current processor, which means that Google is working on a new generation of Tensor processor and has Try it on pixel phones.

What are your expectations for the design of the iPhone SE 2022? What about the best news you have known this week? Share with us in the comments


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