Apple moving to 3nm chips in 2023, expect a dual M1 Max for Mac Pro in 2022

According to a reported roadmap, Apple will switch to 3nm chips by 2023 for both its Macs and iPhones. The third generation of portable chips are codenamed “Ibiza”, “Lobos” and “Palma” and are expected to be variants of the M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max.

Apple will stay with the 5nm process for its SoCs in 2022, but they will adjust the manufacturing process a bit. In addition, Apple is expected to produce a two-die chip in 2022, likely intended for a Mac Pro.

The current fastest Apple Silicon chip, the M1 Max, is made on a single array – so we can essentially expect a dual M1 Max chip with the support of as many as 40 CPU cores ready for a potential Mac Pro in 2022.

The report claims that the iPhone will follow in Mac’s footsteps – with upgraded 5nm chips in 2022 and new 3nm chips in 2023.

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