iPhone 13 – iPhone 13 Will series sales be affected by the global chip shortage crisis?

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The global shortage of chipsets has clearly affected the sales of the iPhone 13 series phones, discontenting people who are eagerly waiting to get one of the newly launched series phones.

Earlier this year, the Cupertino-based tech giant launched four new models of the iPhone 13 series in India with a starting price of $944 for the regular model, and these models have also been made available in the international markets as well. Despite their exorbitant prices, this year’s iPhone models managed to gain a lot of popularity among these device enthusiasts.

Some iPhone 13 series models and configurations are currently out of stock due to their high demand. Moreover, supply chain constraints may cause Apple to constantly try to keep up with demand. Thus, it seems that iPhone lovers will soon face difficulties in getting the new iPhone 13 models until next year.

iPhone 13 sales

Some supply chain sources have confirmed that Apple will not be able to meet the demand for new iPhones, as the report However, Apple is unlikely to meet demand for iPhone 13 series models until February 2022.

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It is noteworthy that Apple has not been affected as much as other smartphone manufacturers. However, the company will witness the festive season soon and therefore it needs to keep up with the increasing demand for these devices in that period.

iPhone 13 - iPhone 13 Will series sales be affected by the global chip shortage crisis?

In an effort to bridge the supply and demand gap, Apple reportedly cut iPad production by 50% and used some of its parts to produce new iPhones.

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The festive season will start in many parts of the world soon, and this may increase the demand for new iPhones. As a result, the supply and demand gap can get wider. While reporting on Apple’s latest earnings, CEO Tim Cook said the company lost $6 billion due to an ongoing shortage of chips. It remains unclear whether this number will rise towards the end of the year.

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