Xiaomi 12 Ultra with the most powerful processor in the world, Xiaomi 12 Ultra

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Xiaomi and Motorola will be the first smartphone companies to support the world’s latest flagship processor Snapdragon 898. Will the company use it in its Xiaomi 12 Ultra phone? Follow the details in this report from my TV number.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra .. the most powerful processor in the world?

According to what was revealed by leaks from reliable sources, Moto aims to launch the phone by the end of the year, but Xiaomi You will once again be a step ahead of the fastest processors.

Reports claim that the standard edition of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will begin mass production this month. This means that the company will release the Xiaomi phone 12 in December this year. It will release a Pro version later in March of next year.

Meanwhile, popular tech leaker IceUniverse shared the results of Geekbench for the selection of the upcoming Snapdragon 898 processor.

The results showed that the processor will be about 15% faster than the Snapdragon 888 and about 5% better than the 888 Plus.

Additionally, there are reports that this device will use a 200MP main camera and 200W fast charging.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra will have a large capacity battery. It is about 5000 mA. Wireless charging will be only 50W due to the regulations in force in China.The charging speed will break the previous record for 120W charging. The large battery will be fully charged within 20 minutes.

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