Video Reviews for Galaxy S22 Ultra | Xiaomi 12 breaks the numbers | The biggest fraud in the squid game | iPhone 13 catastrophic repair

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The first realistic picture of the upcoming Samsung giant, the Galaxy S22 Ultra.. The phone with the most powerful processor in the world.. Here is the theft that shook the world.. This news and other things via my TV number.

Galaxy S22 Ultra and new news from Tech Bulletin

And the beginning with the first realistic and clear images to reveal the secrets of the Galaxy S22 Ultra .. Samsung seems to have changed touches in the design .. And here I did this time .. The Xiaomi company is distinguished by taking the first step to try the new flagship processor, this time preparing to add the most powerful, fastest and latest processor In the world with its next phone, Xiaomi 12

We all hate going to a phone repair shop, especially when it comes to screen maintenance because the cost is very high and sometimes it reaches most of the phone’s price.. Squid game, the series “Breaking the World.” A big leap..and suddenly: it disappeared!

WhatsApp asks PC connection feature And opening the application without the need for the main device, i.e. the phone to be connected to the Internet, and the feature began to access iOS and Android, when this feature is enabled on your smartphone, and associated devices will receive the application for up to 14 days after the connection of the main smartphone is interrupted. It is a useful feature in case you have lost your smartphone temporarily and need to keep in touch with people via WhatsApp, or if your smartphone battery is dead but you are near a connected computer.

DJI launches the Mavic 3 family of drones, with two innovative camera systems, with three models of the aircraft, and the price of the aircraft starts from $ 2,200 to $ 5,000

An Australian company unveils the world’s first hydrogen-powered bike, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and the bike was made using a lightweight material that enables it to travel long distances

Scientists discover the element fluorine in our teeth and bones in the form of fluoride, in a galaxy 12 billion light years from Earth, and this is the farthest discovery of the chemical so far.

Microsoft warns Windows 11 users that some features in the new operating system fail to load, and according to the company, Windows 11 features such as “Snipping Tool, touch keyboard, emoji panel, and others cannot be loaded correctly due to the expiration of the certificate, and users must Download the patch manually and install it on their computer.

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