Samsung Galaxy S22+ with Snapdragon 898 runs Geekbench

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Here’s another Snapdragon 898 scorecard from Geekbench – this belongs to the SM-S906U, which is the US version of the Samsung Galaxy S22 +. The chipset ran at the highest available clock speeds, meaning 3.0 GHz for the Cortex-X2 core, 2.5 GHz for the A710 and 1.8 GHz for the A510.

The score is lower than what the 898-powered Galaxy Tab S8 + managed, but inconsistent results are not unexpected with pre-release hardware and software. Qualcomm will not announce its new flagship chipset until November 30, and the first 898 phones may arrive a month later, with time left to fine-tune things.

Geekbench: Samsung Galaxy S22 + (SM-S906U) with Snapdragon 898
Galaxy Tab S8 + with Snapdragon 898

Geekbench: Samsung Galaxy S22 + (SM-S906U) with Snapdragon 898 • Galaxy Tab S8 + (Snapdragon 898)

Previously, we have seen an Exynos 2200-powered S22 + do Geekbench, however, that one had a power-saving controller activated, so the result is useless for comparing scores. Anyway, both phones ran Android 12 with 8GB of RAM which will be the base configuration.

There is also a result from SM-S901U (vanilla S22), but it is suspiciously low, so we do not include it here). Also keep in mind that the next generation chipset is based on ARMv9, so the software has probably not adapted yet to get the best out of the new architecture.

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