Poco F3 long-term review

Scarlette Lennon16 November 2021Last Update : 9 months ago
Poco F3 long-term review

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A cheap phone that does most (or all?) Things as well as a much more expensive top-of-the-line device – that’s always been the idea behind the ‘flagship killer’, ever since OnePlus invented that phrase. It remained true when Poco (phone) originally took the world by storm with his first handset a few years ago, but can it still be true in 2021? Is the Poco F3 this year’s typical ‘flagship killer’ or just a phone that tried to run on that idea but ultimately failed somehow?

Well, let’s see. Over the years, the flagship killer formula has remained fairly intact, although there have been changes here and there. You need a flagship chipset set to enable excellent performance, an adequate (at least) level of smoothness, good (if not great) battery life, a good (but not necessarily perfect) screen and some cameras.

Poco F3 long-term review

So far so good for the Poco F3, at least on paper. But real life sometimes beats even the most detailed spec list and that’s why we decided this is an exciting enough phone to use for a long time and see what’s what’s what day to day. With its price now solid in the area that was once occupied by the original flagship killers, it seems to have a huge chance.

But there is always more to the story, and we were curious to see how the specifications translate into everyday use. Will the Poco F3 live up to its theoretical mantra of hitting far above its price level? Or will it have some drawbacks that can not really be overcome? Well, if you want to find out what exactly is the deal with the Poco F3, then join us on the next few pages while we tell you what it was like to live with, as our only smartphone for a long period of time.

Spoiler alert: it mostly delivers exactly what the spec sheet would expect you to have, but there are also some welcome surprises, as well as some areas where costs were very clearly cut down. How much it may affect your personal opinion about this phone really depends on what your priorities are and we tried to explain the case for and against Poco F3 in the most detailed way in this review so you have all the data you need for a truly informed decision.

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